Wednesday, October 21, 2009


George and I headed up to Tulsa last week.  He had to work the basketball game and in the meantime, I did a little bit of exploring.  The genious that I am...I left my GPS at home, and while my phone is a great 3G phone with a fast internet connection, I have yet to master more then the basics with it, since it's a step below an iphone.  Anyhow, I decided to do what I did before google maps, GPS and all that, and just drive around aimlessly exploring.  I was rewarded by finding (or more of stumbling upon) the Philbrook Museum of Art.  I'd heard of this place, and seen pictures of it.  It's an amazing and enourmous Italian Renaissance villa, former home of Oklahoma oil pioneer Waite Phillips and his wife Genevieve Phillips, built in 1926...way before GPS :)  I did a bit of exploring in the gift shop and in the lobby, however it was 4:00, and the museum was closing at 5, so I decided to come back another day to check out the exhibits.  They are supposed to have a stunning African American, and Native American art collection.  They also have a stunning garden and Koi pond (see photo below...not mine though)!  Supposedly the most photographed place in all of Oklahoma, and I can see why!

So next time I go to Tulsa, hopefully I can check it out...I still need to visit the OKC Art Museum as well, which is just a few blocks away!  The cafe there is AMAZING though...for OKC.  Instead, I met up with a friend at McNellies, home of the $3.00 burger and fries, and then headed to the game where George hooked us up with courtside seats!  So, while I didn't get to check out the gardens, I did snap a few pics of the up on the panorama section of my website where you can view a larger version( Check it out!  This one is MY photo of the Philbrook: