Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Turner Falls, Davis Oklahoma

For the weekend, George and I decided to head down to Turner Falls, about an hour and a half away from OKC in the Arbuckle "Mountains"...FYI they are more like rocky hills. It was a neat place. From the moment we turned off the highway, it seemed like we had entered a different state. Oklahoma is very flat but also very green right now due to the recent thunderstorms. It was a nice getaway for us and the dogs. Turner Falls is a 77 foot waterfall, formed by the natural springs of Honey Creek and has been described as one of the three geological windows from our past, also including the Grand Canyon and the Black Hills of South Dakota. While I can't say it rivals the Grand Canyon, it was a fun place to visit.

We took in the first truly beautiful scenery in Oklahoma so far (besides the sunsets) Frio enjoyed making a splash while Kimo watched from the sidelines being very careful to avoid the water. He eventually made it in for a treat though. Those pupperonis must be worth it.
Frio played almost the whole time in the water, but eventually it was time to dry off and go for a hike.

There a a few caves in the area that were somewhat unimpressive, but overall we were quite happy with the falls! It was a nice getaway from the stereotypical Oklahoma of beer, beef and.... bad scenery.

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